Room 8 Create A Cute Autumn Foliage Craft Using Broccoli

While some of our pupils may not eat broccoli, we bet you’ll have no trouble convincing them to do this fun craft with the cruciferous veggie.

The painting technique is not only simple, it’s also inexpensive. There’s no need to clean paint brushes when you’re done!

By using a palette of four quintessential fall colours (red, orange, yellow and brown), we dabbed the raw broccoli in the paint and then stamped our paper. The broccoli florets lent the tree leaves a nice texture.

Look at how the trees are bursting with autumn colours.

If you aren’t great at painting the foundation of your trees — the trunk —use a free tree printable that you can download and print.

So, while we may have told our kids before not to play with their food, there’s nothing wrong with making art with it, right?

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