Room 16: Home Learning Ideas

Here are some ideas of activities children can do at home to retain and develop their skills during any school closures / holidays.

Life skills and motor skills

  • Cutting fruit and veg – prepare a meal/snack, make a face with it
  • Spreading with a knife – toast, crackers, sandwiches etc
  • Following a simple recipe (written, read aloud or copy the adult)
  • Pouring – make a cup of tea/coffee or fill a tray with rice/lentils etc and pour them into different containers
  • Make play dough –

Here’s a link for a simple no-cook playdough using boiling water

  • Some pupils have been learning to knit this session
  • Construction games with magnets or lego
  • Tying knots and weaving, for example weaving material in fences, tying shoe laces


Physical activity

  • Cosmic kids yoga – a lot of episodes are on Youtube and there are greater mindfulness videos too if you need to relax

  • Just dance routines – again free on Youtube. Angry birds, Just Mario , Old Town Road and Ghostbusters, are firm favourites at the moment


Literacy and Numeracy

  • is a free website for teachers and parents, with loads of interactive games at a variety of levels, most of which are tablet friendly, we have been using the money games and the Chinese dragon game in class

  • Each pupil has a unique login for Education City, most pupils are working at early level, maybe first level. I have not assigned any specific tasks.  Pupils are familiar with the website.
  • For Makaton practice again on Youtube search for songs by Melody Signs or Singing Hands there is a mixture of nursery rhymes and pop songs, we tend to choose the more modern ones in class.
  • Lets talk Makaton charity page also has videos and ideas

  • Many pupils will benefit from colouring and drawing activities
  • Typing games
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