Primary Department Activities – Week Beginning 8th June

Here are some fun activities for you to try at home this week.

If you would like to share how you have got on with our activities, please send any photos via your child’s teacher, the Orchard Brae School Facebook Messenger page or email Amy Dunnett (Principal Teacher Primary)  Downloading videos from the Orchard Brae School Facebook Messenger page appears to be working again (fingers crossed!) however if you are having any issues, please send them using a free transfer site such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Story Of The Week: ‘Hamish The Highland Cow’ By Natalie Russell

This week’s story is all about Hamish the very hairy Highland Cow who hates having baths and doesn’t like getting his hair cut!

Click below to watch and listen to the story on YouTube:

However, one of our teacher’s, Jessica, has also made a lovely video of her reading this story, which is a favourite in her classroom!

The book study below has some great activities for you to try at home based on the story.

Links and additional documents to support the activities can be found below.

Activity 1: Messy Play

Activity 2: Farm Games

Activity 4: Make A Picture

Activity 5: Milk Experiments

Science: Minibeasts

This week we are going to continue looking at animals known as minibeasts, which you can find in your garden or local area.   Here is some interesting information about minibeasts.  The download links can be found below each activity.

Now that you know a bit more about minibeasts, why don’t you try these activities?

Minibeast Interactive Game:

Sorting Activity:

Description Game:

Classification Game:

Minibeast Hunt:


Make Your Own Minibeast Hotel:

Be Resilient!

Education Scotland, in conjunction with Aberdeen City Council, produced a Resilience Alphabet full of fun think, say, do activities designed to promote resilience and develop coping strategies.  There are a series of activities for each letter of the alphabet, so pick a letter and give it a go!

Learning Grid: Life Skills

Here is a learning grid for Life Skills.  It contains 16 activity ideas for you to help develop and promote your child’s independence in a range of household and life skills tasks.

These activities are only suggestions and we would recommend that, where appropriate, you adapt these activities to meet your child’s ability level.

Learning Grid: Get Active!

Here is a learning grid for Getting Active!  It contains 16 activity ideas for you to help promote physical activity both in and out of the home on a daily basis.

These activity are only suggestions and we would recommend completing one activity each day.  However, we would love to see what other creative ways you and your family are using to Get Active daily!

Links to YouTube Channels and websites can be found below.

Oti Mabuse Official YouTube Channel:

Joe Wicks – Body Coach YouTube Channel:

Cosmic Kids Yoga:

Cosmic Kids Yoga YouTube Channel:

Learning Station YouTube Channel:

Bumble Bee Physio: also have lots of fun exercise activities for you to try at home.  Here are some of the challenges and the links to access them:

Mountain Bike Challenge:

Exercise And Health:

Wellness Warrior – Fruit And Veg Dance:

Positions And Directions:

Samba Carnival:


Balance Challenge:

Strong Core:

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