Room 15 – Miles for Refugees

Room 15 comprises an eclectic group of very determined young learners, each very much with their own personality and their own skills and abilities, likes and dislikes.  Much of the learning in Room 15 is achieved through sensory activities and experiential learning. Group sessions can present a challenge for some of the learners and they work hard on the social skills that will assist them as they progress.

In Room 15 we have been exploring the differences and similarities between our lives and that of others.  We took part in the British Red Cross Miles for Refugees project. We all went round the playground to simulate the miles that refugees travel seeking a safe space. Refugees use different forms of transport. In our class we used pacers, trikes, wheelchairs and our feet.

Room 18 – On the Go!

Room 18 have had a very busy term developing many of their life-skills including ironing, dish washing, making sandwiches and having fun with their friends along the way.

Out and about with Room 16

Room 16 has been busy this term.  We focused on the Supermarket as our World of Work interdisciplinary theme – exploring the different jobs there are as well as developing our money handling skills. We have also started on our outdoor education award with the John Muir Trust, so watch this space! 


Outdoor Art with class 10

Looking at Outdoor Art with class 10 and how art can be transient; it can blow away, wash away in the rain and disintegrate and we can just enjoy it for the short time it is there.

Having fun in Room 9

In room 9 we take part in a wide variety of activities in different parts of the school including PE, Lego club and art. 

Eco Bricks with Room 14

As Part of an SQA module and class recycling we are making Eco Bricks this year.

We are going to make the bricks into a table for our summer snacks outside.

Room 12 – Post Office Fun

Room 12’s Post Office

 As part of our school topic “Our World of Work”, we have been looking at Post Offices and have set up our own one in the classroom!

We have been given some resources for role play from one of the local Post Offices and have been using them to write our own postcards to people in school, posting them and delivering them.

We have been using stampers and stamps, envelopes and parcels. We have been exchanging items for money at the till and taking turns to be the cashier. We have been learning how Post Offices work and the journey of a letter from writing it to its delivery. We have listened to stories relating to letters and postmen/women and used everything we have learned to role play and have fun at the Room 12 Post Office!

More photos to come!!

Room 5 – Hard at work

Room 5 have been working hard this term. Our whole school topic is Our World of Work and we have been learning to follow schedules and complete work tasks. We have also been working outside school and seeing the jobs that other people do in the community.

Our book study has been Elmer and we have done lots of work on colour. We particularly enjoyed painting with the elephants.

Room 4 – Sensory fun

The children in room 4 have been exploring and creating with Gloop and Play-dough.

Play is the best way for a child to learn about their surroundings and develop fundamental skills. Sensory play stimulates their senses such as sound, touch, sight, taste, and smell. The children were encouraged to explore with these sensory activities to support their understanding and develop their creativity.