Celebrating May Day in Room 12

Room 12 celebrated May Day on 1st May. We crowned our May Queens and Kings and looked at a PowerPoint and videos of Morris and Maypole dancing. We played along with our bells. In pairs, we made Maypoles from cardboard tubes, stickers and crepe paper, and used playdough to ground them. We added play people for our display.

Improving the School Grounds with Howes Hoose

In Howes Hoose, our work with Daniel from Aberdeen City Council Parks Department has continued. As part of our SQA Personal Achievement Award we are working on a Community Activity. With support and guidance from Daniel, we are working to develop our school garden and grounds. We’ve been extremely busy and have planted 3600 seeds! We have planted peas, beans, pumpkins, radishes and cornflowers. We look forward to seeing them brighten things up and tasting our wares when they are ready!


Room 15 had Fun in the Sun

We enjoyed participating in different kinds of energetic play and developing our movement skills through practice.

We also enjoyed eating our snack in the park.

A Colourful Term in Room 3

This term our topic has been Our Colourful World. We have been reading the book The Rainbow Fish and exploring the colours of the rainbow using all our senses.


Each week we discover a different colour by touching and feeling lots of different things that are all the same colour and we use some of these materials to make a scale for our very own rainbow fish. Then we get to taste, feel, smell and play with food items that are that week’s colour. It has been fun to discover some new foods and juices. Some of the things we have liked: sweet chilli rice crackers, green beans, strawberries, baked beans & orange smoothie. Some of the things we haven’t liked: jelly (it was fun to play with but we didn’t like the texture in our mouths), radishes, green smoothie, tomatoes.

A brilliant, bouncy birthday in Room 3

Room 3 were very lucky to go on a trip to Jump In to celebrate our classmate’s 8th birthday!


We had a wonderful time bouncing on the trampolines and playing in the sponge pool and by the end of the day we were all ready for an early night!

We Are Keeping Healthy In Room 11

The children in Room 11 have been participating in a range of fun activities and learning how to keep healthy. They have been having fun at swimming, cooking and taking part in PE lessons. Some of them have been showing how competitive they are when playing curling.

All of them have been showing their responses to different smells and some of them have been very clear of what they like (mint, onion).

They have been having great fun exploring how their bodies work and what they can do when they really want and try.

Autism & Other Conditions Aberdeen

Autism and Other Conditions Aberdeen is a support group open to all parents/carers of children with additional support needs. The group meet every fortnight at Rosemount Community Centre for coffee, chat and peer support. For further information, please see their Facebook page or email them at: aaocagroup@gmail.com

Earth Day in Room 6

Monday the 22nd of April was Earth Day.  Class 6 took part in a scavenger hunt to see how many different items we could find when we were out in the community, relating to caring for the environment.  We also managed to find a few in school too!

Social Maths In Room 10

We regularly play maths games in groups and with partners in room 10 to consolidate some of our learning from our maths lessons and to make maths fun. 

In these pictures we are using non-standard measures, calculators and some of the mathematical language we know.



Easter Experiences in Room 14

Room 14 have enjoyed looking at Easter and participating in a range of activities around this.

We have explored the Easter story, rolled eggs, participated in several Easter egg hunts and enjoyed decorating eggs.