Room 18 Keeping Fit!

As part of our Senior Phase Curriculum, pupils from Room 18 have been keeping fit at our local Sports Centre. They have taken to it very quickly and are very much enjoying the cardiovascular equipment. We’ve shown enthusiasm in cycling, rowing, using the cross trainer and treadmills. Many of us enjoy walking uphill on the treadmill and some of us have even been for a run. Good effort Room 18! We all need to follow in your footsteps a bit more!

Class 6/7 Celebrate Chinese New Year

Class 6/7 were very busy last week exploring Chinese New Year.  We enjoyed hearing the story of how the animals became part of the Chinese calendar and worked out what animal we were born under.  There were lots of different crafts throughout the week including colouring in and making paper dragons.  The best bit however, was our Chinese New Year snack at the end of the week.  We had the opportunity to taste a range of Chinese foods and used key vocabulary boards to make requests and comment.  Almost everyone thought the fruit and prawn crackers were the best bit.  YUM!

Lawman Piano arrives at Orchard Brae

Today we were very lucky to receive a Lawman Piano which had been gifted to the school to help support all the amazing development and engagement work that takes place with our Music Therapist Emmeline. The Lawman Panio was created by Gordon Bell Pianos in conjuction with Passell designers to celebrate Aberdeen footballer Denis Law receiving the Freedom of Aberdeen City in 2018. The Panio has been on a tour of all the Football clubs that Dennis Law played for and on it’s return was auctioned off for charity. We are delighted to have been selected as it’s permanent home where we are sure it will be used by all of the pupils in school.

One of our Senior pupils really enjoyed the opportunity to make music on this amazing piano, which is fabulously decorated, including its light show and Dennis Law’s signature.

Exploring Elmer In Room 9

The pupils in Room 9 are continuing to enjoy listening to, looking at and doing work from our Book Study of Elmer by David McKee. Our herd of Elmer’s has expanded. Some of our pupils enjoy playing with these wonderful models they made – the Elmer’s are lined up, placed in order, grouped altogether and observed.

We have also experimented with water and ink, noting what happens when the two combine. The pupils in Room 9 together made a lovely piece of modern art based from this science experiment.



Room 8 Meet Jack Frost

Room 8 have been enjoying this winter weather, inside and outside the classroom. We ventured out into the playground, well wrapped up, to experience how cold and frosty it has been. We brought snow back in with us to feel how cold it was and we watched as it melted during the day.

We dressed up in winter clothes during our winter singing and looked at ourselves in the mirror, just to see how good we looked!

During our art sessions we made ‘cold weather’ pictures using ‘cold’ colours. We used purple, white and blue balloons to print with. We also used the salad spinners to make colourful pictures which were cut into cosy socks, hats, gloves and scarves.

This week we made Jack Frost pictures. We had lots of different collage materials in white and silver to stick on and, of course, no Jack Frost is complete without plenty of glitter!

We all love a baking session in room 8 so this week we made ‘frosty’ cakes. We put in rice crispies and ‘snowball’ marshmallows, stirred it round and then added white chocolate. We then decorated the top with some edible ‘silver’ paper. Lots of tasting, smelling, and touching went on. We kept some for snack in school and took some home for our families to enjoy too.