Owl Babies With Room 8

Room 8 pupils have been enjoying their Book study – ‘Owl babies” by Martin Waddell, a wonderful book to share with young children to help tackle anxieties and fears about temporary separation.

First, we read the story and described in simple words the personality of each baby owl. Also, we listened to a relaxing music having as a theme ‘Forest at night sounds – owls and crickets, rustling leaves and wind’. They touched all four characters – the owl mother and her three babies, counted them, and called their names, Sarah, Percy and Bill.

Secondly, we made cute pieces of art, showing all three owl babies on the same brunch. We used our fingerprints to symbolize the owls.

Our third step was to design an owl nest. We went to the pond to see the ducks and it was a great opportunity to collect the materials for the owl nest.

At the end, we explored  our characters and we spoke about emotions, happiness and sadness. This gave us the idea to use ‘happy’ colours drawing owls using pastel chalk.

We all have had an amazing time studying ‘Owl Babies’. Well done, room 8!


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