Music With Emmeline – Monday 23rd March

Hello everyone

The aim for the next while is to bring you two musical videos each day.  These will feature a daily extract from a Makaton song, building up to the entire song by the end of the week as well as musical games, soundscapes, interactive musical stories and activities.

Here are today’s videos.

Vocal Warm Up:  The Little Man

Each Monday we will be sharing a different vocal warm up for you to use throughout the week.  Today is the story of the Little Man.

The little man goes for a walk and he comes to a lift.  He presses the button and goes up in the lift.  Once he is at the top of the building, he puts on his parachute and jumps off the building!  Luckily there is a trampoline on the ground which he lands on…

Can you think of anything else to add to the story?

Donald Far’s Yer Troosers: Part 1 – Chorus

This term the Makaton Choir have been learning a variety of Scottish songs to sing and sign initiated by our Burns Night celebrations.  Now it is time for our pupils to refresh theses songs and teach their parents, carers and family.  Today we are learning the chorus.

Let the winds blow high

Let the winds blow low

Down the street in my kilt I go

All the lassies say hello

Donald far’s yer troosers?

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