Music With Emmeline – Wednesday 25th March

Here are today’s musical activities with Emmeline.

Soundscape: Under The Sea

Every Wednesday we are going to be providing a different themed soundscape.

Today’s theme is Under the Sea. We have provided this picture as a visual stimulus for under the sea ideas.

Please relax, listen to the music, look at the picture, imagine different under the sea creatures and take deep breathes. If you have anything at home that sounds like the sea then you can also join in using this. Perhaps you have a container filled with beads or buttons that could be used as your own ocean drum or a shell to hold to yours or someone else’s ear?

Donald Far’s Yer Troosers: Part 3 – Verse 2

Today let’s try the Second verse of Donald Far’s Yer Troosers,

A lady took me to a ball
And it was slippery in the hall
I was afraid that I would fall
‘Cause I didn’t have on my troosers

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