Music With Emmeline – Wednesday 24th June

Here are today’s musical activities from Emmeline.

Musical Soundscape: A Bird In The Sky

Today’s soundscape is going to be imagining you are a bird soaring through the sky. We have provided this picture of birds flying in a clear blue sky as a visual stimulus but perhaps you would like to close your eyes and imagine you are a bird flying through the sky. Do you have any toy birds or anything that makes the sound you imagine a bird to make as it flies.

Please relax, listen to the music, look at the picture, are there any birds you can see or hear from your window?

Shine: Part 3 – Verse 2

We are now going to sing and sign the second verse of Shine. The words are;

Stop (stop)
Being so hard on yourself
It’s not good for your health
I know that you can change
So clear your head and come ’round
You only have to open your eyes
You might just get a big surprise
And it may feel good and you might want to smile, smile, smile

Don’t you let your demons pull you down
‘Cause you can have it all, you can have it all.

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