Music With Emmeline – Wednesday 22nd July

Emmeline has created some new musical activities for you to enjoy this week. Here are today’s activities.

Listening In The Forest

Emmeline has visited a forest and made a live recording of it for you all to listen to. She has also made up a little bingo type card for you to mark off anything you hear or that you can use when you next visit a forest!

Do you hear anything else in the forest?

Any Dream Will Do: Part 3 – Verses 3 and 4

Today we are going to be singing and signing verse 3 and 4 of ‘Any Dream will Do’. Here are the lyrics;

I wore my coat,
with golden lining,
bright colours shining
wonderful and new.

And in the East
the dawn was breaking
and the world was waking
Any dream will do.

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