Music With Emmeline – Wednesday 1st July

Here are today’s musical activities from Emmeline.

Soundscape: A Monkey Swinging Through The Trees

Today’s soundscape is going to be imagining you are a monkey swinging through the trees. We have provided this picture of a monkey swinging through the jungle as a visual stimulus but perhaps you would like to close your eyes and imagine you are a monkey up in the trees. Do you have anything at home that reminds you of the jungle or monkeys?

Please relax, listen to the music, look at the picture, maybe you are a cheeky monkey up in the trees with the wind blowing past you as you swing around!

Someone You Loved: Part 2 – Verse 1

Today we will be learning the second Verse of Someone You Loved. Here are the words.

I’m going under and this time I fear there’s no one to turn to
This all or nothing way of loving got me sleeping without you
Now, I need somebody to know
Somebody to heal
Somebody to have
Just to know how it feels
It’s easy to say but it’s never the same
I guess I kinda liked the way you helped me escape.

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