Music With Emmeline – Tuesday 28th April

Here are today’s musical activities from Emmeline.

Musical Activity: The Clap Game

This week’s musical activity is the clap game. Can you clap your hands at the same time as Emmeline. This is a game of concentration! Once you have tried clapping along with Emmeline can you copy someone at home or can they copy you! Keeping a steady beat is tricky enough but it is very difficult to concentrate and clap at the same time as your partner if they are trying to catch you out!

Make your Own Kind of Music: Part 1  – Verse 1

We are going to learn the first part of Make Your Own Kind of music today. The words are;

Nobody can tell you,
There’s only one song worth singing.
They might try and sell you,
Cause it hangs them up,
To see someone like you.

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