Music With Emmeline – Tuesday 24th March

Here are today’s musical activities with Emmeline.

Play Away & Stop 

This is a brilliant fun game of musical statues with instruments included! The lyrics of the song are;

Play Away, Play Away, Play Away and Stop!

Try playing along with Emmeline first. Playing and listening at a normal volume, quietly, loud, fast and slow. You can then try this amongst yourselves. If you do not want to sing the song you can say ‘Play’ and ‘Stop’ or wait for someone to vocalise or smile to indicate the starting and stopping. Try playing about with the dynamics and tempo at home too!

Also remember if you don’t have any musical instruments, please don’t worry. Use a pot, pan, old box, kaleidoscope, homemade shaker, clap your hands or tap your knees!

Donald Far’s Yer Troosers: Part 2 – Verse 1

Today we are going to learn Verse 1 of Donald far’s yer troosers, we will learn a little bit each today to build up to the entire song on Friday! Don’t forget to do your ‘Little Man’ vocal warm-up from yesterday before we start!

Just got in from the Isle of Skye
I’m not very big and I’m awfully shy
The ladies shout as I go by
Donald far’s yer troosers?

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