Music With Emmeline – Tuesday 12th May

Here are today’s musical activities from Emmeline.

Move With The Music: Violin

Today we would like you to try moving with the music Emmeline is going to play on her violin. When Emmeline is playing high notes are you able to stretch up tall and when she plays low notes can you crouch down low. Also can you move in time with Emmeline’s music? Pay careful attention to whether she plays fast or slow. You can also just listen to the music and imagine something moving high and low, fast and slow too – maybe a bird or a butterfly.

All the Small Things: Part 2 – Verse 1

We hope you enjoyed learning the chorus to this song yesterday and today we are going to learn the first verse. Here are the words;

All the small things
True care truth brings
I’ll take one lift
Your ride, best trip
Always I know
You’ll be at my show
Watching, waiting

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