Music With Emmeline – Thursday 26th March

Here are today’s musical activities from Emmeline.

Song: Five Little monkeys
Five little monkeys is such a popular children’s song. We have prepared our version of it with 5 printed monkeys stuck to desk bells! We will play one each time a monkey falls off the bed. Don’t worry if you do not have instruments like this! Could you bang a pan or clap your hands every time a monkey falls off the bed instead? You could also print and cut out or draw 5 Little monkeys to practise counting down.

Donald Far’s Yer Troosers: Part 4 – Verse 3

Today we are learning the third verse of Donald Fars Yer Troosers! We hope you can still remember the other verses and the chorus as tomorrow we will be putting the whole song together!

Now, I went down to London town
And I had some fun on the underground.
The ladies turned their heads around, saying;
“Donald, where are your trousers?

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