Music Therapy at Orchard Brae

There are a variety of musical experiences on offer throughout the school week.  We are delighted to announce that for the second year running we have a Musician in Residence from Drake Music Scotland, who is supporting secondary pupils to develop digital music skills.  We have weekly drumming sessions in class and individual lessons with Keith from Rhythmbox and we also have our Music therapist from ELM Music Therapy delivering individual sessions.  Below is a quote from Emmeline explaining what can be achieved through music therapy.  And we have a selection of happy and engaged pupils clearly enjoying their music therapy sessions. 

“I aim to support the pupils to make meaningful musical interactions through the use of instruments, voice, movement and more, to interact and communicate regardless of ‘musical ability’. Within the music therapy sessions, I take a pupil-centred approach where musical improvisation and active music making are the predominant therapeutic intervention methods. 

The music therapy sessions can create a safe space for pupils to express themselves and to develop language, communication skills, movement, fine and gross motor skills or to help with emotional regulation. Often the music therapy space can create opportunities for spontaneous learning and an outlet for emotions.”

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