Making Play Doh In Room 5

Room 5 have been very busy making their own play doh.

As a class we measured out all the dry ingredients before mixing it with water and oil. Then we took time choosing our favourite smells from a selection of essential oils and colours from a range of food colourings.

Using play doh in class has many benefits including –

  • Moulding playdough is excellent for developing a child’s fine motor skills.
  • As children work on their creations they form new ideas and concepts. They will learn new words such as roll, squeeze, flatten etc, as well as words describing what they are making.
  • When a child works with playdough, they basically have a blank canvas waiting to be moulded into something unique.
  • This activity works on creativity as a child has to mould from an image they hold mentally. Even if they try to reproduce something they have already seen, theirs will always look different.
  • As children get older and more experienced at moulding playdough, their creations will show more detail and creativity.
  • Following a basic recipe for playdough is a great opportunity to teach your child some maths by learning about measurement. They also learn about reading information for meaning, such as recipe instructions.

Playdough is a quiet activity that requires a child to sit still for periods of time. This is great for lengthening a child’s concentration span over time.

We are having fun exploring play doh in room 5 and creating some interesting sculptures.

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