Making Learning Fun In Primary

It has been a very busy few weeks in the Primary Department.

Last week saw staff busy participating in a range of In-Service training and it was wonderful for all of our staff to be able to welcome our Primary 1, 2 and 3 pupils back to school this week.

However, there has still been lots of learning taking place at home over the last two weeks and we are delighted to share some of what you have been up to!

Snowy Fun

Many of you continued to make the most of enjoying the snow while it was still here. You continued to explore the snow and cold weather using your senses and even participated in some chilly science, learning what happens when you blow bubbles in the cold weather and creating your own exploding snow volcano!

Outdoor Learning

Even once the snow disappeared there was lots of learning taking place outdoors.

You participated in different types of exercise, feeling the effects it had on your body.

One pupil even took part in a horse riding lesson, allowing him to develop his balance and core strength.

You also enjoyed making some new friends!

Life Skills

You have also been busy developing your personal care and life skills ver the last two weeks. Some of you sat patiently to get some new haircuts and we think you look amazing!

Last week, we celebrated pancake day and we hope that you had fun making pancakes and choosing your favourite toppings. You’ve also been busy following other recipes, shopping for ingredients and making some delicious treats for yourselves and your families to enjoy.

Working Hard

You’ve all been busy working hard at both home and school, learning new things and consolidating what you’ve already learned.

In school, some pupils were learning all about Chinese New Year through the exploration of different props and using masks of different animals to retell the story behind this celebration.

At home, you’ve been practicing and developing lots of skills, from fine motor skills through art and writing tasks, to turn taking and patience during games and your awareness of time and weather through circle time routines.

And Finally…

We love seeing what you have been up to at home and school, but it is always wonderful to see how much you enjoy spending time together with the important people in your life!

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