Lots of Learning in Room 14

In Room 14 we have been working really hard this term and enjoying a range of learning opportunities.


Home Economics

In HE we practise literacy through following recipes, practise our number skills in a practical context, and learn about healthy eating. We enjoy cooking and taking home what we have made to share with our families. Our HE instructor is very good at adapting things to ensure that everyone can be involved.


Literacy and Communication

We have regular opportunities to practise our communication skills and often move around the school to interact with other people and practise our skills outside the classroom. We also enjoy books and are encouraged to read for pleasure.



We have been investigating the properties of materials. We enjoyed mixing cornflour and water. If you’ve never tried it, you should – it’s great fun and a very interesting learning experience!



Some of us have been practising our money skills. We have enjoyed setting up a play shop in class.


Life Skills

We’ve also been doing jobs around the school and practising life skills, such as recycling and looking after our homes.



We’ve continued to enjoy our PE sessions. We all like being active!

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