Learning In Primary

Well, we’ve finally reached the end of a very cold and very snowy week in the Primary Department and given the weather conditions lots of you have loved having the opportunity to take your learning outside.

You’ve shared lots of photos and videos and we are delighted to share some of the things you have been busy learning this week.

Snowman Challenge

It’s not often we have so much snow and you have all been extremely creative in building and decorating your own snowman. It’s also been a great way to get you hands moving as you squashed, squeezed and moulded the snow. Brrrr!

Colourful Creations

Some pupils also took part in some very cold and colourful outdoor art and science this week.

We were very impressed with how you made ice marbles using balloons filled with coloured water as well as using food colouring to create artwork in the snow.

You also been busy exploring art indoors too. It’s been a great opportunity for you to work on making choices, developing your motor skills and creativity and just possibly getting a wee bit messy too!

Learning Through Outdoor Play

The weather this week has provided lots of opportunities for you to play outside and even when you’ve been playing, you’ve still been learning!

You have been able to explore the snow using your senses, feeling how cold it is against your skin, how the air smells different, how it feels to walk through it and how wet it is when it melts, especially when you forget your wellies and waterproofs!

It’s been amazing to see all the sledging you have done throughout the week, both at home and at school. Some of you have been learning to use your core strength to sit on the sledge while you are being pulled along. Others have been working on their sharing, waiting and turn taking skills when there weren’t enough sledges for everyone to have a go. It’s been fantastic to see how some of you have become more confident as the week has gone on and are now able to try sledging down a hill all by yourself!!

Karen’s Creative Challenge

Karen has set a new challenge for you…pouring! Have a look at her video below and maybe you can have a go over the long weekend. We’d love to see how everyone gets on.

However, many of you are still enjoying practising the skills from the previous challenges, especially tower building.

Life Skills

The weather has been good for helping you to practice and develop your independence in dressing, especially putting on your boots, jackets and not forgetting your cosy hats, scarves and gloves!

You’ve also been busy working on other independent life skills such as setting the table, shopping and lots and lots of yummy baking!!!

We can’t wait to see what you get up to next week even though it is the long weekend so no school on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, we’re sure you’ll still be having fun and learning!

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