It’s beginning to look like Christmas in Room 15!

Room 15 has been incorporating lots of festive activities recently (we definitely broke the no Christmas stuff before 1st December rule!).

We have spent a lot of time working on our expressive arts Christmas video, applying our communication, musical and dramatic skills (and having lots of fun).  Our class elf helped us to talk about “snow”!  We’ve finished the video this week and have really enjoyed watching it (on repeat, by popular demand!) and can’t wait to share it with you later this month.

This week we explored the ASDAN to decide how we want to decorate a room by creating our own Christmas tree – we each chose which decorations we wanted to add and glued them onto the tree, and it now adorns our classroom wall making the room feel a bit more festive!  Our story this week has been Stick Man, and we made our own Stick Man from playground resources as part of our outdoor education sessions.

Our Attention Autism sessions this week have also had a Christmas theme – the dancing Christmas tree has been a firm favourite, and it has been fabulous to see the engagement and spontaneous communication this has motivated our learners to share – “more”!  Our stage 4 activity today is making our Christmas cards.

Alongside lots of fun we equip our learners to better understand events around them and be able to communicate about them.  We have also continued to use the “special activity” symbol to continue to build our resilience to changes in routine, which can be many at this time of year.

As our next website post will be after the holidays, the team in Room 15 want to pass on our best wishes for a happy, safe and restful break to all – Merry Christmas!

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