Information For Parents And Carers

As we are all aware this is a difficult and uncertain time for our families who are supporting their children at home.

Here are a few documents which you might find useful in helping you support your child throughout this time.

Supporting Children With Learning Disabilities/ASD: Coping With COVID-19 Isolation

This document, produced by Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, contains a range of useful information for parents about structure and routines, managing behaviour and advice on activities and exercise.

Making Sense Of Sensory Behaviour: A Practical Approach At Home For Parents And Carers

This document, produced by Falkirk Council, gives parents advice on supporting their child with sensory issues and regulation.  It also offers specific strategies to support calming, alerting, personal care and eating as well as advice on challenging behaviour.


The following page was devised by Flo Longhorn and offers ideas for wakening up the senses.

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