Handa’s Surprise With Room 8

Handa is a young girl who lives in a village in Kenya. She decides to take seven different fruits in a basket to her friend Akeyo who lives in a nearby village. Handa walks to Akeyo’s village with the basket of fruit balanced on her head. Room 8 follows her on her journey, learning about each fruit is taken by a different animal until no fruit is left. As she is nearing Akeyo’s village, a goat breaks free from the post it is tied to and heads straight towards a tangerine tree which Handa is walking under. The goat headbutts the tree causing tangerines to fall into Handa’s basket. When Handa reaches Akeyo’s village, she is surprised to see tangerines in her basket. Akeyo is very happy as tangerines are her favourite fruit.

Every week we had a great sensory experience learning about each fruit from Handa’s basket. 

Since then, we had fun making chocolate covered banana pops, pineapple smoothies and learnt about sinking and floating using some boats made from oranges.

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