Green Flag Award

We are absolutely delighted to announce that Orchard Brae has been awarded a second Green Flag from Eco Schools Scotland.

In the two years since we were awarded our first Green Flag, everyone at Orchard Brae has continued to work hard on developing our Eco awareness as part of our ongoing Eco Schools journey.

We have participated in a range of activities based around the topics of Litter, Global Citizenship and Biodiversity and the Sustainable Development Goal of Climate Action.

One of our biggest successes was the development of our new sensory garden which enabled us to build links with local businesses and the wider community.

We also explored different habitats and the insects and animals found in them as well as developing our knowledge of what plants need to grow through activities based around our growing garden and enterprise projects.

We have been truly amazed by the comments we received from the Eco-School Scotland Team who noted that:

‘It was inspiring to read and see how you have encouraged your students and community to become more aware around developing their knowledge of Biodiversity. It was lovely to read how you have thought of both simple, sensible, and ambitious changes that I am sure will have long lasting effects on the students and staff.

Also, just so you know this is one of the strongest applications I have seen in my short time with Eco-Schools and is something that you and all your staff you be very proud of the great work you are doing around your sustainability work.

A huge well done to all the students, staff and families for their on-going work and effort in enabling us to achieve our second Green Flag.


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