Expressive Arts – Week Beginning 27th April

Our Expressive Arts team have been busy creating more videos for you to enjoy at home throughout the week.

They include an art activity from Diane for you to copy, drumming from Keith and a trash band video from Keith and Emmeline.   There is also information about Sam’s online dance classes.

Once again, if you would like to share any of your photos and videos with our school community, please send them to us via your child’s class teacher, the school Facebook Messenger page or email them to:
Amy Dunnett (Principal Teacher Primary)

Dance: Online Classes

Sam is holding two online dance classes this week on Wednesday 29th April and Friday 1st May at 1pm.

Both of these classes will be taking place through his YouTube channel.  More information will be posted soon but you can subscribe to his channel by following the link below:

Art: Sun Catchers

Fingers crossed the sun comes back soon and you can show off your wonderful designs!

Drumming: Session 5 – Orchard Brae Favourites

Trash Band: Session 3 – We Are The Trash Band

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