Exploring The Grumpy Duck In Room 3

Room 3 have been learning about our emotions and working on our movement skills through the context of the story ‘Grumpy Duck’.  Poor duck is grumpy because her pond has dried up and a little grey cloud appears above her head.   She goes on an adventure and meets other animals….the dog who digs mud and wags his tail, the pig who rolls in the smelly puddles, the noisy cockerel, the bunny who hops, the sleepy tortoise, the goat who chews all the clothes….none of these are things duck wants to do so the little grey cloud gets bigger and bigger until everyone is feeling sad.  Eventually the cloud bursts so the water from the rain fills up the pond!  All the animals are happy singing and dancing in the rain before seeing a beautiful rainbow.

We have explored a sensory story of Grumpy Duck in our drama sessions where we have explored props for each part of the story.  Our favourite part is the magic plastic dust sheet which flies up in the air like the cloud…. Unfortunately no photos as it needs all hands on deck!

We have done Story Massage sessions around the story so we could feel the different emotions on body.  These were relaxing sessions but some amazing concentration too! 

We did our music and MOVEment sessions themed around the different animals.  We did some hopping like bunnies, stamping like the duck, moving our heads like the goat and rolling like the pig, this was a definite favourite!

The boys and girls in Room 3 have worked extremely hard this term, lots of fun but incredible learning at the same time.  We finished the term with celebrating the birthdays of two of our girls.  Have a fantastic holiday everyone!

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