Home Learning: Secondary Department

We hope you’re all fit and well, managing to find your new ‘normal’ during these difficult times.

Our teachers are working hard to try to support you and your child in learning at home. Please check your e-mail as ideas will be popping into your Inbox regularly. These e-mails are intended to give suggestions of activities that might help to fill your day. There is no expectation that things must be done and we most certainly do not wish to add additional stress to your family life! Dip in and out of learning as you feel appropriate and do let teachers know if there’s anything you’ve found particularly useful.

We would be very grateful if you would maintain contact with your child’s class teacher during this period of closure to let us know that you’re safe and well. If we can support in any way, please do let us know.

Healthy regards,


Room 17 Home Learning Ideas


Please find below a list of activities / ideas from Room 17’s teacher that you can complete with your child.  Feel free to dip in and out of these as you wish.


If your child uses a communication system then please try to use it daily with them. If you need some advice about this then please send me an email.


Life Skills:

  • Help to make or prepare meals


  • Use a knife to practice spreading, toast, crackers…
  • Practice cutting toast, soft fruits/veg (using hand over hand or with very close supervision)
  • Pouring – pouring liquid or dry foods from one container to another
  • Help to wash and dry dishes
  • Putting away dishes
  • Making simple and meaningful choices (usually from a choice of two) using the objects as reference




Health and Wellbeing:

  • Going for a walk in an open area and discussing what you see and hear along the way
  • Cosmic kids yoga – a lot of episodes are on Youtube and there are greater mindfulness videos too if you need to relax





  • If you have an instruments at home then play along to your child’s favourite music – if you don’t have instruments then why not make a few together, for example take a plastic bottle, fill with dried beans (or something similar) and shake!


Storytime: Elevenses with David Walliams

You’re never too old to enjoy a story! Many of our senior classes enjoy listening to stories and in these uncertain times all of us (adults too) can benefit from a bit of escapism! Please tune in daily to listen to author David Walliams sharing stories. While stories are shared at 11 am, they can be accessed throughout the day.  The link to his website is:


Animal Discovery: Live Webcams

Some of our pupils show an interest in animals and nature. There are Live Webcams at Edinburgh Zoo and Highland Wildlife Park that the children may enjoy.

https://www.highlandwildlifepark.org.uk/webcams (Highland Wildlife Park)

https://www.edinburghzoo.org.uk/webcams/ (Edinburgh Zoo)

For our Secondary pupils, the National Geographic Kids website can provide more information. Although not all pupils can access it fully independently, there are pictures to look at and discuss, and some interesting video clips to watch:


Have a look and find out what your favourite animals are.



Sport Relief 2020

Many thanks to Amanda, Salvi, Sam and Scott for organising fun activities for us all to join in with to support Sport Relief 2020. We kicked off the morning with a select band signing up to Run a Mile. Thanks to Room 19 for braving the cold throughout our challenge, the spectators that cheered us on from the warmth of the classrooms and those that came out for playtime, supporting with cheers as we ran our loops. Each of us did 5 loops of the playground in total.

At lunchtime we enjoyed dance sessions with Sam. We all had lots of fun!

Finally, the whole school joined in for the afternoon to Walk a Mile with a Smile. We were grateful that the sun came out and warmed up the playground nicely for us. We also had some special visitors – the sumos!

Our day was just for fun, but we also received generous donations towards Sport Relief, raising a total of £165! Well done to everyone for taking part!

Room 17 ASDAN

Pupils in Room 17 have been working very hard on their ASDAN courses. One course required us to explore a range of food textures through touch. We tried a variety of different textures, including: rough, grainy, hard, sticky and runny. Interestingly, no one enjoyed the texture of sticky, and only one person liked the runny texture!

Everyone did really well to touch the textures and communicate how they felt about them.

Clothing Exchange

Room 16 have been doing a great job, supporting the Clothing Exchange scheme. Pupils are regularly tidying up the area, washing, sorting and folding new clothing. It’s good to see an increase in sizes available too. Please keep sending items in if they’re in good condition and no longer of use to your child. Do also feel free to pop in and browse any time or let us know via the home school diary if you’d like the class team to have a look on your behalf.

Friends of Orchard Brae Fun Run: 28th April 2020

Many thanks to the brother of one of our pupils who has asked if he can fundraise individually through sponsorship for the 5k Fun Run for Friends of Orchard Brae. If anyone else wishes to raise money through the Fun Run or any other sponsored activity in future, sponsor forms can be obtained via the Friends of Orchard Brae by contacting school, or a sponsorship page can be set up at: https://wonderful.org/charity/friendsoforchardbrae

Lisa Thomson (Chairperson of the Friends) is the normal point of contact for any fundraising. Clare Russell can also be contacted regarding the Fun Run.

Full information regarding the Fun Run can be found here: https://scottishrunningguide.com/race/fun-run-for-friends-of-orchard-brae

or check out the Friends of Orchard Brae Facebook page.

Please remember, all participants must be over 12 years of age to enter, and must be accompanied by an adult at all times if under 16. Donations are optional – the event is free to run for everyone!

If we have wheelchair users who wish to participate, an adapted course that avoids the rooty / muddy trail section will be available.

Room 17 Enjoying Duthie Park

On Monday, Room 17 enjoyed a trip to Duthie Park. We had something to eat in the park’s café and then had a wander around the beautiful gardens. There are lots of daffodils at this time of year. The class enjoyed the sensory experience of visiting each section of the garden.

We also met one of the park’s rangers whilst looking at McPuddock the Frog. He was using a powerful magnet to scoop up the coins that visitors throw into the pond around McPuddock. He explained to us how all the change collected goes back into maintaining the gardens.


Support Orchard Brae via your local Coop!

If you shop with Co-op, please consider choosing us as your cause to support when you shop.  Join here…