Potted Sports

Everyone enjoyed the Potted Sports organised by our PE Department on Wednesday. Thank you to everyone involved for the hard work that went into this, including our Howes Hoose pupils who supported at the stations. We all had a great time moving around in our class groups, finishing up with a running ‘marathon’ for any Secondary pupils wishing to participate. They were well supported by those opting to spectate.

First Week Back for Room 17

Room 17 had a good first day back after the holidays. We did some Rainbow Science and discovered what happens if you pour water over Skittles. We used cold, warm and hot water to see how quickly or slowly the colour patterns appeared. We found out that hot water makes the colour move quickly, while cold water makes it move slowly. And we even got to eat the Skittles afterwards!!

Active Schools Curling Festival

Pupils enjoyed taking part in the curling festival at Curl Aberdeen. We rotated around 6 different stations and had the opportunity to try different activities. Everyone tried pushing the stones at skittles, targets and playing a game of curling. We all had different strengths: some of us were very good at aiming for the centre of the target, gently pushing the curling stones with just the right amount of force, while others were very good at skittles due to our ability to push the curling stone a long way.

Room 17 celebrates Chinese New Year!

Room 17 had a fun week celebrating Chinese New Year. At the start of the week we learned all about the celebration. We heard the story of why the years are named after animals, watched the Lion Dance, and sang some songs – including Happy New Year in Chinese! At Music, we watched some Chinese drummers and played along on our own drums and cymbals as we watched. We even went to the Chinese Restaurant in Aberdeen Market for our morning snack on bus day and tried lots of different Chinese foods. We also had a pretend Chinese Takeaway through the week which turned into the real thing on Friday at snacktime – complete with fortune cookies! A great time was had by all!!!

Ragbag Collection

The pupils in Room 16 have been working hard on our Ragbag project for 18 months now.  We are delighted to confirm that we have raised approximately £900 for the school fund (that’s more than 2 tonnes of clothing that have been saved from landfill!).

Rag bag is a Scottish textile and clothing recycling scheme.  Items are graded according to their quality at their premises in Falkirk.  Wearable items are sent to developing countries as 2nd hand clothing, items which may have been torn or damaged recycled and become carpet underlay or industrial cleaning cloths or even mattress lining.  Either way they are kept from landfill.

There are 3 collection schemes, 1: send bags home, 2: inside collection bin (at school front office) and 3: external collection bin.  We are proud to say that we have all 3 schemes in operation.

We collect clothes, pairs of shoes, belts and bags.

So this Spring, as you clear out your winter wardrobe, feel free to fill a bag of rags for us!

Halloween fun at Orchard Brae

In October the Pupil Council met and discussed options for a whole school  Halloween Activity.

The options were to have a Halloween disco, design a pumpkin or do both. After a whole school vote pupils chose to do both. A picture graph was used to share the results of the vote.

Caroline judged the pumpkin competition and decided that everyone was a winner as they were all unique and individual.

This was followed by the Halloween disco which was enjoyed by all.