Potted Sports

Everyone enjoyed the Potted Sports organised by our PE Department on Wednesday. Thank you to everyone involved for the hard work that went into this, including our Howes Hoose pupils who supported at the stations. We all had a great time moving around in our class groups, finishing up with a running ‘marathon’ for any Secondary pupils wishing to participate. They were well supported by those opting to spectate.

Exploring the Colour Monster with Room 2

The pupils in Room 2 have been working extremely hard on their book study of ‘The Colour Monster’. The poor Colour Monster is all mixed up, his colours are all over the place and therefore his feelings are too.

We explored each colour and feeling by initially doing Sensology work exploring objects of each colour and listening to pieces of music, mainly classical, which helped create the appropriate atmosphere. After this we did a BIG art session for each colour and feeling which was so much fun!

When we explored yellow and happiness, we used our favourite art techniques. We rolled balls down ramps, crinkled cellophane, used the salad spinners, shook pasta in a metal tin, painted with beads – each child used their favourite technique before happily exploring those of their friends. There were SO many smiles in class!

Blue brought the feeling of sadness and we did watery art. We were all amazed to listen to, feel and look at what happened when we blew straws into bubbly water! We also sprayed paint from bottles and made incredible marble prints.

During our angry, red session we made lots and lots of noise! We stamped our feet in the paint as hard as we could and banged on drums and cymbals…paint went flying everywhere!

As we discovered about black and fear, we made ‘scary’ creatures scurry over our bodies before dipping their feet in black paint and make them scurry over our paper! Some pupils were mesmerised while we dropped the heavy, clanking chain onto the floor after dipping it in paint and there was some amazing requesting for ‘more’.

There was a lovely, gentle atmosphere in class when we explored green and calm. We made balloons fall from a height and beautiful patterns from gymnastics ribbons made beautiful marks on our paper. A definite highlight was waving the big green cloth to create a textured collage; we started off by waving it gently although many pupils communicated that they liked it going fast fast fast!

We are very proud of our pupils for their fantastic engagement and new learning from this project. We will check back in with the last little bit of our Colour Monster book study work before the end of term!

Ragbag Collection

The pupils in Room 16 have been working hard on our Ragbag project for 18 months now.  We are delighted to confirm that we have raised approximately £900 for the school fund (that’s more than 2 tonnes of clothing that have been saved from landfill!).

Rag bag is a Scottish textile and clothing recycling scheme.  Items are graded according to their quality at their premises in Falkirk.  Wearable items are sent to developing countries as 2nd hand clothing, items which may have been torn or damaged recycled and become carpet underlay or industrial cleaning cloths or even mattress lining.  Either way they are kept from landfill.

There are 3 collection schemes, 1: send bags home, 2: inside collection bin (at school front office) and 3: external collection bin.  We are proud to say that we have all 3 schemes in operation.

We collect clothes, pairs of shoes, belts and bags.

So this Spring, as you clear out your winter wardrobe, feel free to fill a bag of rags for us!

Celebrating World Book Day

Yesterday was World Book Day and there was lots of fun as pupils shared their favourite books in class and some classes visited the book shop in town to spend their World Book Day tokens.  We were also fortunate to have received some lovely book donations which will enhance our school library and any books that we no longer use will be donated to Books2Africa to share our love of reading and books around the world.

Storytelling With Ailie

This week we have been extremely lucky to have had Ailie Finlay from Flotsam And Jetsam join us in school.  Ailie is a fantastic multi-sensory storyteller based in Edinburgh and she has been working with five different classes across the school as part of the Aberdeen City Arts Across Learning Festival.

She has thoroughly entertained us over the last three days with her wonderful tales and we all had an amazing time exploring storytelling with her.

Thank you so much Ailie for coming to work with us and we hope to see you again soon.


Celebrating Chinese New Year in Room 2

Room 2 have had a fantastic week discovering about Chinese New Year.  We created Chinese lanterns for our class window by sticking coloured cellophane.  Some of us loved looking at the colours when we shone torches through them and others made a fantastic crinkly noise.

We had a big sensory session where we tried out different outfits and hats and explored various Chinese artefacts.  The biggest hit had to be the Chinese foods such as prawn crackers, noodles, lychees and sweet chilli sauce which some of us loved to taste and eat while others explored with their hands and feet!

We had a special treat on Thursday as one of the ladies in class brought us in a special ornament to look at which will bring us good fortune and some fortune cookies to open which was great fun!

Exploring ice and snow in Room 2!

We had a surprise on Thursday morning when we woke up and found snow.  After long bus journeys to get to school, we brought some snow into the classroom so we could explore it during our weather time at Circle Time.  Some of us were not too sure about how cold it was but others were very keen to explore it with both our hands and mouths!  On Friday there was no fresh snow but it was very frosty and icy outside so we explored ice cubes.  It was great fun chasing them around our trays as we tried to pick them up and they kept sliding away!  Matthew and Harris explored snowy scenes and sounds using the Grid Pad and Eye Gaze.  Unfortunately it was super cold and very slidey outside so we couldn’t get outside to explore the snow this time but hopefully some of us will the next time it happens!

Room 2 – Making Festive Playdough

The children in Room 2 have been working hard to make lots of festive playdough to sell at the school fayre.  We worked on lots of different skills using our senses – we were touching the different ingredients, looking carefully as we were supported to pour, listening to the water pouring (we really liked this!), smelling the peppermint and cinnamon we added and some of us chose to have a little taste of the flour too!  We will keep some back so that we can play with it in class too.

Halloween fun at Orchard Brae

In October the Pupil Council met and discussed options for a whole school  Halloween Activity.

The options were to have a Halloween disco, design a pumpkin or do both. After a whole school vote pupils chose to do both. A picture graph was used to share the results of the vote.

Caroline judged the pumpkin competition and decided that everyone was a winner as they were all unique and individual.

This was followed by the Halloween disco which was enjoyed by all.