Class 6/7 Celebrate Chinese New Year

Class 6/7 were very busy last week exploring Chinese New Year.  We enjoyed hearing the story of how the animals became part of the Chinese calendar and worked out what animal we were born under.  There were lots of different crafts throughout the week including colouring in and making paper dragons.  The best bit however, was our Chinese New Year snack at the end of the week.  We had the opportunity to taste a range of Chinese foods and used key vocabulary boards to make requests and comment.  Almost everyone thought the fruit and prawn crackers were the best bit.  YUM!

Rainbow Fruit Kebabs In Room 5

Room 5 are reading The Rainbow Fish. One of our class celebrated a birthday. We enjoyed birthday cake and rainbow fruit kebabs for snack. We had red strawberries, green grapes and yellow banana on our kebabs.

Class 10 Strike A Pose!

Class 10 enjoy taking part in yoga lessons, where they watch and copy the poses from the interactive board in class.  Everyone joins in, has lots of fun and enjoys a good stretch!

SQA Home Economics with room 17 and 18

Some of the pupils in room 17 and 18 have been working on a variety of HE units. They have been focusing on cleaning skills and food preparation tasks. We are planning to post some of the recipes that are being used in HE so that they can be used at home.

Home Economics with Howes Hoose

Howes Hoose have been working on increasing their independence in the kitchen, working on food preparation skills and using electrical equipment safely. They have been using these skills to run their soup making business, with the profits going towards the residential and Duke of Edinburgh trips that they will be attending in the Summer term.

H.E. – With Room 14

Room 14 have been developing their food hygiene and preparation skills with the pupils in S4 working towards National 1 SQA units.

PE at Orchard Brae

These are some examples of the activities that we are working during PE classes in both Primary and Secondary at Orchard Brae. As you can see we have been having lots of fun and been learning new skills.