Bedtime Story – Friday 5th June

Welcome to tonight’s bedtime story.  Every week night we will bring you a bedtime story for you to watch and listen to.  The stories are read by staff and pupils and we hope you enjoy seeing some familiar faces and hearing some familiar voices.

If you would like to join in and record a new bedtime story to share, please contact Amy Dunnett (Principal Teacher Primary) for more information.

So get comfy and cuddle up because it’s time for a new Bedtime Story. Tonight’s story is…

I Will Not Ever Never Eat A Tomato (written and illustrated by Lauren Child)

Fussy eater Lola makes it perfectly clear that she will not eat anything she doesn’t want until her brother shows her that carrots are really orange twiglets from Jupiter and mashed potatoes are actually Mount Fuji cloud fluff.

Tonight’s story was read by Rachel, one of colleagues from Speech and Language Therapy.  This week has also been Dietitians Week and our colleagues at NHS Grampian have produced a fussy eaters advice pack with tips and suggestions which you can find below!

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