Autism Outreach Service – Resources to download: Visual Schedules

The Autism Outreach Service are looking to support you at home in whatever way we can during these difficult times. Below you will find some links to visual schedule boards and cards which we thought might be useful in helping you to maintain structure and routine at home. We know too, however, that printing out and making up these resources is not always easy as it requires both time and resources that may be in short supply.

To support you in this, if you have an autistic child or young person at home and are unable to print out and make up the resources yourself, and would appreciate some ready-made resources, then we would ask you to get in touch. The Team can then make up the resources and get them out to you. As well as the ready made resources we can also help if you need the resource individualised, such as specific cards or your child or young person’s name on the boards!

Our team member for resources is Dahni and she can be contacted on:

It would be helpful if you could give Dahni the following information when you email her:

  • Your Name
  • Child’s name, class and school
  • Whether they are currently supported by the Autism Outreach Service
  • The resource that you are looking for

Dahni will get in touch to let you know that she has received your request and then email you back when the resources are ready and arrange to get them out to you!

Please note that we can only provide this service for children and young people who are attending, or will be attending, an Aberdeen City Council educational placement.

The symbols used are Boardmaker from Mayer-Johnson.


Schedule Cards – Standard (Everyday Home)

Morning Schedule Board – Standard

Afternoon Schedule Board – Standard

Morning & Afternoon Schedule Board – Standard

Evening Schedule Board – Standard

Morning, Afternoon & Evening Schedule Board – Standard

Horizontal Schedule Boards – Standard

Vertical Schedule Boards – Standard

Choice Boards -Standard

Schedule Cards – Large (Everyday Home)

Now & Next Board – Large

Now, Next & Then Board – Large

Choice Board – Large

Lanyard Schedule Cards (Home)

Helping out at Home Boards & Cards

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