Autism Outreach Service – More Resources (ELSA Support)

ELSA Support is a website which provides downloadable resources for parents and carers and teaching staff that support the teaching of emotional literacy or emotional intelligence.

Remember, if you would like some of the site’s resources to use at home with your child or young person but are unable to print out and make them up yourself, then we can help you with this.

Just contact Dahni, our team member for resources, at:

It would be helpful, if when you email Dahni, you could give her the following information:

• Your name
• Child’s name, class and school
• Whether they are currently supported by the Autism Outreach Service
• The resources you would like made up either from below, or from the website.

Dahni will get in touch to let you know that she has received your request and then email you back when the resources are ready and arrange to get them out to you!

Please note that we can only provide this service for children and young people who are attending, or will be attending, an Aberdeen City Council educational placement.

Below are some resources from the ELSA-Support website that you may find helpful!








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