Recycling with Room 2

The staff team and pupils in Room 2 are on a mission to further raise the amount of recycling which we do at Orchard Brae. We now collect the recycling which states that it must be recycled at supermarkets. If you have any of this recycling (often the bags which have multi-packs of crisps in them or fruit bags) please send them into school for us to collect.

Giving and Receiving with Room 8

Giving and Receiving

Why are these concepts important?

Giving and receiving become synonymous with presents. 

Giving and receiving are partners. To do both gracefully is a beautiful balance to achieve at any age. When you receive, you are giving the gift of receiving. The internal feeling of genuine giving of oneself and proper receiving are particularly kindling for peace of heart and mind. When ulterior motives enter into either domain – of giving or receiving – the precious purity and resource of both are diminished. If children can come to know through experience that there is an internal glow present with pure giving and receiving, they will develop a heritage of warmth and closeness which will be priceless in their life journeys.

Usually, we like to connect when giving and receiving with direct eye contact and heart-to-heart connection. We want to thank you so much for our gift from Shell – our great green sofa that is loved and valuable in Room 8. Thanks a lot, Alison, for making this happen. 

We managed to send them a card having this in our mind: “What comes from the Heart goes to the Heart…. What comes from the Heart goes to the Heart.”

It encapsulates the most powerful lesson with SUPERKID POWER skills today for the Easter season. Giving and receiving from the Heart. It’s not just with presents, but giving the gift of being a good listener and commenting for acknowledgement, giving and receiving a hug, being there for someone… So many ways to give and receive. Definitely, we are going to practise more of these beautiful skills. 

Howes Hoose Fundraising Champions

Howes Hoose Fundraising Champions 

Over the past month the pupils in Howes Hoose have been taking part in a fundraising project to raise money for those in need as a result of the earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. Pupils were shown a variety of causes and videos to explain each then voted which one they wanted to raise money for. The majority chose the earthquake.

We did an Easter themed ‘guess how many in the jar’ fundraiser where we filled a huge jar with tasty chocolate treats and went round classes asking to make a guess at the total and collect donations. The last few pounds are coming in but we have raised roughly £60 which we are very proud of! Incredibly one member of staff guessed the exact number of eggs in the jar so that very fortunate person is all sorted for Easter! 

Planting with Room 4

In room 4 we went out to the polly tunnel and planted our pea seeds. The boys were very interested to see the seeds and investigate the soil. We will need to remember to water them to make sure they grow! This will give them the experience of looking after plants and if we are lucky their hard work will pay off and we will see the plants growing!

Up, Up, Up in Room 10!

Our flight study has continued exploring a new body study, this time “Up, Up, Up!” about flying in a hot air balloon.  We’ve interacted with this story through story massage, aided language boards and expressive arts and movement activities.  We’ve had parachute play to replicate our own hot air balloon ride too!

Our bucket time sessions have explore vocabulary from the story, we’ve aimed paper planes at targets, sat inside a “hot air balloon” in class, made a “bird” with mouldable soap and feathers and raced around the room on outdoor play equipment (thank you P.E.!).  We’ve also had some fabulously messy sensory play sessions – I’m sure there’ll be more of those!

Through all of these we have built fabulous extended attention and communication skills, transferring skills we developed from our last book study to a new context.

We’ve also had some seasonal fun added in there, with pancake themed activities for Pancake Day (including a pancake toss for bucket time!) and a Mother’s Day theme for bucket time at the moment – fingers crossed our game of “Don’t wake mum!” passes on the correct message for this weekend!

(Most of the resources mentioned above are on our Room 10 Google Classroom for families if you wish to continue this at home.)

Howes Hoose Fundraising

As part of our ASDAN work we have been raising money for a charity of our choice. Pupils were shown 3 videos of different charities then used symbols to select which one they would like to fundraise for. The majority of the class chose the Earthquakes in Syria and Turkey. We have seen this a lot on Newsound so it is a familiar story to our pupils.

 We are going to be doing an Easter themed  ‘Guess How Many In The Jar’ so we have been counting out lots of tasty Easter treats into a big jar. Some pupils took turns dropping the eggs in and others preferred to listen to the sound of them as they dropped in. One of our pupils was really keen to help us count out loud and impressed us with how far he could keep counting as we don’t usually talk about numbers that big in class! We are looking forward to visiting classes to collect guesses and donations over the coming weeks. 

Working with Assistive Technologies in Room 17

As part of our SQA, ‘Working with Assistive Technologies’, Room 17 have been exploring lots of different ways of using assistive technologies to give us more independence whilst carrying out different activities, and making our learning fun. We have enjoyed using switch buttons for musical activities, and playing with different toys. We have also used different switches for small appliances, such as the popcorn maker, and the hand blender which we tried to carve different pumpkins with (it’s harder than it looks!).  We even used a switch for operating a hair dryer to paint with  – that was good fun! 

The Art and Science of Flight with Room 12

In order to experience and understand how different objects move through the air, we have been using lots of different skills. For example, we used fine motor skills for cutting, gross motor skills for flying a kite, our sensory skills for painting insects using sponge stamps, and our attentive skills for watching the paper birds flit about or the kites and their ribbon tails flow in the wind, or the paper helicopters spin down. We had to use our bodies for flying kites to help with the uplift. So, we are learning about creative design, about the science of flight and also about maths because when making paper butterflies, we folded our painted paper in half to notice symmetry. Each of these activities gave the pupils a chance to use communication skills to make choices: about colour, materials, and taking turns to show off what they have made.

Festivals in Room 16

Festivals in Room 16

Room 16 have had lots of sensory play to celebrate the Lunar New Year. As well as a visit from the Confucius Institute when we did lots of activities, such as calligraphy and making fish, we sponge-painted dragons and REALLY enjoyed exploring our sensory trays filled with rice, money wallets, special soup spoons and adapted chopsticks. We had great fun as a class playing a Chinese New Year themed game of Snakes and Ladders which we projected on to the whiteboard so everyone could see. Playing a game as a class was very successful – and competitive!

At the end of February, we found out about Mardi Gras parades and made our own masks while we listened to Mardi Gras music. We learned that the three Mardi Gras colours each stood for something:

Green = Faith

Purple = Justice

Gold = Power

Making bread was a delicious, healthy and educational experience for Room 8

Making bread was a delicious, healthy and educational experience for Room 8

If you fancy bringing some ‘Bake Off’ inspiration, read on – we have everything you need to get started. While fairy cakes, flapjacks and meringues have their place, do not forget how easy it is to bake bread. The comforting smell of a freshly baked loaf stays with us for a lifetime, and making bread can be a therapeutic activity for children. Regarding this aspect, we loved the baking bread moment and used cracking the eggs and the flour as a sensory play. Moreover, it was so much fun!

From a nutritional point of view, bread is excellent for children; it is packed full of long-lasting energy, B vitamins and calcium. Bread is also helpful for teaching children about other foods, such as butter, which children need to eat to build muscle and gain nutrients like iron, omega-3s and calcium. Chocolate spread, jam, and honey are tasty but very high in sugar, so they should only be used in small amounts.

If you are not a confident cook, you could be tempted to take the automated option as we did – a bread-making machine. This was a time-saver, but it produced delicious bread. 

Baking gave us lots of fun, even though it was rather messy! However, despite all the mess, we gained many benefits from the baking experience.

The children had many opportunities to develop and use both hands together in a coordinated way.

Pouring ingredients into bowls was an excellent way for them to practise their eye-hand coordination.

Whether they read the recipe themselves (in words or symbols)  and follow our verbal instructions, following a recipe boosted our pupils’ listening and sequencing skills.

Following instructions is a vital school skill, and baking gave our pupils lots of practice.

Letting our pupils bake helped them learn about real-life measuring and number concepts.

Baking gave our pupils a real sense of achievement. We were working on a task that produced a product they enjoyed and shared with others, giving them confidence.

Of course, the last benefit was the result – delicious bread! After all our hard work, we sat down and enjoyed the results.