Art Activities

This week we have two art activities for you to try.

Activity 1: Ice Cube Icebergs

This is a little follow up to the iceberg/ stormy sea art we did last week .

I still had the frozen paint and really liked the patterns it had frozen into . I thought the cubes looked like little icebergs!

So using the iPad I took photos of them as they melted onto paper. My kitchen was warm so they melted fast!

You could take some photos using your ice cubes or make a collage using different pictures. When the ice was melted I used my fingers to pull the paint into different patterns – I still have blue fingers! You could use a cocktail stick or a fork or something else.

Remember to warm your hands up afterwards.

Activity 2: Northern Lights

There have been several sightings of the Northern Lights over the last couple of days and I loved the pictures I saw reported online and in the papers. I wanted us to have a go at making an impressionistic rendition of this wonderful natural phenomenon.

Have a little warm up by wiggling and shoogling as before – get someone to help if you like.

Concentrate on the visual stimuli in the picture below – they are beautiful pictures and really show Scotland off! Really look at the colours!

For this one I’ve used paint with a brush and with a sponge to print. You may want to use a resist technique (as we have done before) with crayons and watercolour. Chalks would also work really well. For the foreground, you could rip paper or cut out shapes and stick these on. You might like to splatter white paint on at the last stage for stars in the sky (remember to pull your fingers towards you across your brush or you will splatter yourself!) Whatever you decide to try , remember that the process is more important than the end product. Really explore the materials and media that you have to work with whatever they are!

Give it a go and let me know how you get on !

What have you learned about? Colour, impression. wet on wet painting, personal choice, printing, process

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