Amended Social Distancing Guidance For ASN

Information from both the National and Scottish Government regarding Covid-19 is constantly being updated but we felt that it was important to share the latest update about social distancing from the Scottish Government with our school community.

We are aware that the restrictions put in place about social distancing and exercise outwith the home have proved challenging for many within our school community.  However, recent amendments to the social distancing guidance issued from the Scottish Government makes it clear that, if you’re autistic or have a learning disability, you can leave your home more than once a day and travel beyond your local area if this is important to your health.

“You can leave your home for medical need. If you (or a person in your care) have a specific health condition that requires you to leave the home to maintain your health – including if that involves travel beyond your local area – then you can do so. This could, for example, include where individuals with learning disabilities or autism require specific exercise in an open space two or three times each day.”
(Scottish Government, 16th April 2020)

If you need carers with you, they don’t have to stay the two metres apart from you that is usually required by social distancing. However, it is still important to be careful and only go out when you really need to, to reduce the chance of getting ill or infecting other people.

“Even in such cases, in order to reduce the spread of infection and protect those exercising, travel outside of the home should be limited, as close to your local area as possible, and you should remain at least 2 metres apart from anyone who is not a member of your household or a carer at all times.”
(Scottish Government, 16th April 2020)

More information about this can be found on the Scottish Government website.





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