Activities For Next Week

Thank you so much to all our parents and carers for their patience while we created a range of learning activities for you to access at home.

Below is an suggested timetable for the week.  As you can see, it includes a range of activities which are not only familiar to your child but also cover a broad variety of curricular areas throughout the week.

Please note that this timetable is only a suggestion.  We recognise that this is a confusing time for our pupils with the loss of their normal school routines however, we are not expecting parents to recreate a school day and ‘teach’ their child in the same way we would do in school.  Use this time to make some wonderful memories as a family so feel free to dip in and out of activities as you feel is appropriate for your child.

If you do decide to follow this timetable, please ensure that your child has the opportunity for regular brain breaks and down time such as choosing, in between.

We will be posting a variety of activities regularly on the school website and teachers will be in direct contact with families should you require anything more specific for your child.


Circle Time: This is an activity that the majority of pupils in the school participate in on a daily basis although the specific routines do vary from class to class.  Some classes have been filming their circle time routines to share with parents and where possible, we shall post these on the website.  Your child’s teacher can also offer you more information on the specific routine in their class and the areas they cover.

Music With Emmeline:  Emmeline, our music therapist, has been very busy creating a range of videos which are posted daily on the website.  She is also offering 1:1 online sessions with pupils and if you would be interested in, please contact her directly for more information.  Her email address is

Story Of The Week:  Each week we will be posting a mini book study.  Classes in the Primary Department have chosen their favourite stories and the study will have a link to where you can listen to the story online and a related activity for each day.

Art/Music/Drama:  Members of our Expressive Arts team, Diane, Keith and Sam, have also been creating videos to share with you with which will be posted on the website weekly.

Barefoot Books:  Many of our students enjoy the Barefoot Books stories.  They can be found on YouTube at  We shall also post the video for specific books weekly on the website.

For all other areas, we are in the process of creating learning grids.  These will have a variety of activities which you can pick and choose from over the coming weeks.

We will be keeping in regular contact with our families but we would love to see how you are all getting on.  If you would be willing to share any photos or videos of activities you have undertaken at home with our school community, please email:

Amy Dunnett (Principal Teacher Primary)


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