A Busy Week In Primary

All the staff at Orchard Brae are missing seeing all our pupils every day and we are always eager to see and hear what you’ve been up to.  We love seeing what everyone has been busy doing while they are at home and we have some wonderful photos and videos to share with you this week.

If you would like to share what you have been up to at home, please send any photos or videos via your child’s teacher, the Orchard Brae School Facebook Messenger page or email Amy Dunnett (Principal Teacher Primary) adunnett@aberdeencity.gov.uk.  Downloading videos from the Orchard Brae School Facebook Messenger page appears to be working again (fingers crossed!) however if you are having any issues, please send them using a free transfer site such as Dropbox or WeTransfer.

Birthday Boy

One pupil shared some photos and a video from his birthday celebrations!  It looks like he had lots of fun celebrating with his family.

Working Hard

We’ve been delighted to see how well some of our pupils have been working at home on continuing their learning.

There has been lots of work on this week’s story ‘The Story Monster’, listening to monster stories, exploring the colour of emotions and creating your own colour monsters.

Others have been busy practising their writing.

Getting Crafty

We love seeing how you are all exploring your creative side!

Making Music

It certainly looks like there has been lots of fun being musical this week, making and playing instruments and listening to your favourite tunes!

Life Skills

Once again, we’ve been impressed with you’re life skills, whether it be developing your independent feeding skills…

…exploring tastes…

…or helping to bake some yummy treats!

Out And About

Despite our delightful Scottish climate and having four seasons in one day this week, you’ve managed to get out and about and explore your local area.

Animal Antics!

From feeding the ducks and watching the lambs when you’ve been out and about, to playing with a new kitten at home, we’ve loved seeing your photos of you interacting with animals.

Getting Active

You’ve all been busy exploring different ways to keep yourselves active from swinging around, bouncing on the trampoline, chasing bubbles, tiring yourselves out with some sport or simply having a stretch.

And Always Remember…

We love seeing all your smiles and even during this difficult and strange time it’s important to stop and smell the flowers…

…make some wonderful memories and have fun with those you love.

We can’t wait to see what you get up to next week!

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