24 Hour Walk/Run Challenge

On Friday the 6th of November, we will be undertaking a whole school challenge to raise money to purchase at least one of these bikes.

All the pupils at Orchard Brae will help us to complete this challenge. Every class will be allocated a 30 minutes time slot from 10 am until the end of the day to walk around the School Playground. Then Orchard Brae Staff will continue with the challenge over night until 10 am on Saturday completing the 24 Hour continuous Walk/Run challenge.

Some senior pupils and their staff teams have already started their own fundraising activities. In the video below senior pupils explain how much they have raised so far and a little bit more about the bike we are hoping to purchase.

After the October holidays further information will be shared on how to make a donation for this cause should you wish to.

Many thanks,

PE Department

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